Monday, September 7, 2009

Can I fix my watch?

Are you facing any trouble with your watch? If yes, then no need to go to watch store and pay huge sum for your watch repair. Even you can fix watch on own. But before explaining anything further, if the watch is unique or designer and has some complex problems, you should go to experts. However, there’s small repair job, you can do on own!

Thinking how? Here’s the answer. Most of the watches (general wrist watches) are somehow similar and work on same pattern. In addition, the kind of damages occurs are also similar. Thus, you have ample of scope to pick up the screwdriver for the right purpose.

Before opening any watch, you should get an ample of information about the watch repair. At least you must be able to screw it back properly.

Now, you need to get the kit ready. An idea kit is comprised of tools such as screwdrivers, wedges, lenses, and many more. Do not forget to keep a piece of cotton cloth at the desk.

After getting the kit ready, get set for the real test. Gently place the face of the watch turning down on the piece of the cloth. With utmost care, unscrew the watch. Locate the battery (in case of battery replacement) and replace it with a new one. Make sure you do not damage other parts in the process.

In case, you find other problem such as accumulation of dirt, then clean the contact area between watch and battery. Similarly you can take steps according to the flaw. Just don’t be hard on the watch while fixing it.

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Also, you can change a watch strap or the display glass as well. However, these are bit delicate things, so better avail services of the experts.

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