Saturday, September 26, 2009

Seiko Watch Battery Replacement

Replacing battery of a Seiko watch is not a Herculean task. However, you should have knowledge on how can you open cover of a Seiko watch and replace the battery. The information will help you when your battery is dead or non-functional. At least, it will help you in finding the real flaw in the device, hampering your watch.

Here are some simple steps, following which you can easily replace battery of your Seiko watch:

Step I: Before anything you must know that watch backs are of mainly three types: snap on, screw on giving pressure, use of screwdrivers to unscrew. This article will be dealing with snap on process to open the watch cover. However, you should always keep in mind that the people at watch repair shop will open watch cover for free. Removing cover is somehow easier with snap back. Using screwdrivers also give a great help. In case of watches having notches along the edges, you need to exert pressure on the back to remove it. There are n numbers of ways to open watch back. Snap on is one of the easiest one.

Step II: After having decided the kind of the watch, you need to remove the cover with utmost care. Do not exert too much of pressure, as it could damage other part of the device as well.

Step III: Locate the watch battery and carefully remove it. Check if the battery was really dead or the dust had accumulated at the contact between watch and battery.
Step IV: Take necessary step. It is strongly recommended to replace the battery with a new and good one.

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