Friday, September 11, 2009

Watch Battery Replacement

If you want to keep your wrist watch intact and in best of its conditions for long, replace its battery time-to-time. Thanks to the latest advancements and easy access to the watch stores, battery replacement is now not any herculean task. Neither has it lot of complexity nor costs too much to hit your budget.

However, it is strongly recommended to get the battery from manufacturer of the watch or battery or from a certified dealer. In case of designer and expensive watches, one ought to visit certified dealers only. The move will ensure you a quality battery, which is most likely to be compatible with your watch.

In case you have less expensive watch, you can replace the watch batteries from the local retail stores. The batteries available at these places are pretty inexpensive and even easier to replace. However, make sure you get the best suited battery, which goes with your watch.

Here’s how you can replace a watch battery:

•Place the watch, facing down, on a soft material such as piece of cloth in order to avoid any scratch on the face.

•Gently uncover the back of the watch and look for the battery. Do it with utmost precautions, if possible use butter knife or flathead screwdriver.

•Once you locate the button, unscrew it from its bracket carefully.

•Make sure you do not damage other parts in the process. In addition, keep an eye on the washers or gaskets that may have spilled during the replacement process.

•Install the new battery in the bracket carefully.

•Cover the back of the watch carefully.

The aforementioned steps are for normal watches, which can be performed by any layman. However, there are several other watches, especially designers and glossy that should be only serviced by experts only. Thus, get watch replacement as per the merit of your watch and requirements.

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