Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is your watch sealed after a battery replacement?

This is the foremost question you should ask yourself after getting watch battery replacement. And the answer of the aforementioned query could be the parameter of the quality of the service you just availed. You must be thinking why it’s so important to get watch sealed after battery replacement. To find out the answer read on:

Whenever watch battery is replaced, its inner area is exposed to the atmosphere, which is comprised of dust and pollution. That is why; watch battery professionals change/replace the battery in a closed and pollution-free area. This averts any possibility of allowing dust to enter the interiors of the watch.

Sealing encloses the watch and keeps it away from the air pollutants. Such pollutants can be very harmful for the watch, as it may block proper functioning of the watch and even hamper the overall watch. One must stress need for sealing especially for digital watches.

Coming back to other factors, sealed watches ensure that you’ve received credible watch servicing. You must have noticed the authorized watch dealers or stores mostly provide sealed watches. In addition, they offer you guarantee/warrantee on their service. Such facilities are not available with general or unauthorized dealers. May be their servicing are low costing but they will not seal the battery after watch battery replacement.

To put in, ask the watch battery professional or dealer to seal the watch. This will not only elongate life of your watch battery but also be a good save on costs.

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